101PS and BetterTogether have joined forces to present playing as a charity exhibition. Every purchase was a donation for a good cause while supporting young artists and creators. Occasion was an event based on the former exhibition of Homo Ludens: the playing human is an explanatory model according to which humans develop their abilities primarily through play.


Our dice were part of a group show with works from: Anna Hofmann, Anna Richter, Baiba Soma, Elissa Lacoste, Eliza Ballesteros, Fan Collective, Fenja Cambeis, Hélène Padoux, Katharina Schilling, Lorenz Reinsch, Neven Allgeier, Sonja Yakovleva, Willem Van Hoff

Exhibited works

Clemens Lauer, *Bolt Dice*, Wood
 Clemens Lauer, Bolt Dice, Wood
Lukas Marstaller, *Faux Wood Dice*, Wood, Faux-wood sticker
 Lukas Marstaller, Faux Wood Dice, Wood, Faux-wood sticker
Jannis Zell, *Bounce Dice*, Silicon
 Jannis Zell, Bounce Dice, Silicon
Marcel Strauß, *Iced*
 Marcel Strauß, Iced
Oliver-Selim Boualam, *Dice Stick*, wood, paint
 Oliver-Selim Boualam, Dice Stick, wood, paint
Lisa Ertel, *Dice Pen*, Tin, Pen
 Lisa Ertel, Dice Pen, Tin, Pen
Phil Zumbruch, *1-2-3-4-5-6*, Keyboard buttons
 Phil Zumbruch, 1-2-3-4-5-6, Keyboard buttons
Felix Plachtzik, *Gum Dice*
 Felix Plachtzik, Gum Dice
Christoph Hauf, *Screw my Dice*, Steel
 Christoph Hauf, Screw my Dice, Steel
Anne-Sophie Oberkrome, *Pin Head Dice*, Wood, Tin
 Anne-Sophie Oberkrome, Pin Head Dice, Wood, Tin
Lino Santo, *Magnet Dice*
 Lino Santo, Magnet Dice

The project took place from 06.12.2021 – 06.01.2022 at 101PS in Cologne.