La tour-exquis-boira-le-vin-nouveau—one on all, all on one. 10 designers, 10 stools, 1 stacking order. In FAN's 6th Exhibition they show a tower collage of 4 meter height for the duration of 7 days.


Exhibited works

Felix Plachtzik, *Good Night Stool*, cushioned textile
 Felix Plachtzik, Good Night Stool, cushioned textile
Marcel Strauß, *Utong*, Ytong
 Marcel Strauß, Utong, Ytong
Jannis Zell, *Mamamutu*, silicon, IKEA children's stool
 Jannis Zell, Mamamutu, silicon, IKEA children's stool
Lukas Marstaller, *Holzdübel*, coated styrofoam
 Lukas Marstaller, Holzdübel, coated styrofoam
Lisa Ertel, *Jaa-Nee*, milled MDF
 Lisa Ertel, Jaa-Nee, milled MDF
Lino Santo, *MTTS*, wood
 Lino Santo, MTTS, wood
Phil Zumbruch, *Dipper Shovel*, painted wood
 Phil Zumbruch, Dipper Shovel, painted wood
Anne-Sophie Oberkrome, *Plopp*, painted wood & vacuum cups
 Anne-Sophie Oberkrome, Plopp, painted wood & vacuum cups
Oliver-Selim Boualam, *Rollo*, painted wood
 Oliver-Selim Boualam, Rollo, painted wood
Clemens Lauer, *Aeki XS*, various stools of IKEA, MaMo, Poco
 Clemens Lauer, Aeki XS, various stools of IKEA, MaMo, Poco


The exhibition took place at Zentrale Karlsruhe from October 16 to October 31, 2020.