With the first collective exhibition of FAN we praise the Römer glass and postulate a new chapter for its shape: 120 stems, 96 glasses, all unique.


It must not be missed in any real Baden pub: the Römer glass. Traditionally produced in the forest huts of the Rhine region, it is as much a part of the regional culinary culture as Maultaschen and rustic oak. One theory says that the term Römer comes from the word römen, which is no longer in use today, meaning to praise. Another claims the Römer was made from fragments of ancient Roman glass; a glass fused from different styles.

The green stem, originally coming from the natural iron content of the raw materials sand and potash, soon became characteristic of the Römer, which today has become a synonym for the wine glass: toasting each other with 25cl.

The exhibition took place at TV Hifi, Karlsruhe at December 16, 2019. Romer Zentrale Edition 1/10: